Did you close your business for any period during the pandemic or did COVID Impact your business?

Was your business operational as of January 1, 2019?*

Statement of business operations during the qualified quarters to meet minimum requirements.

How many Full Time Employees did you average for 2019?*

Size and scope question

At the end of 2020, how many W-2 employees did you have?*

Qualification question for 2+ employees on a w-2

ERC employee retention credits worksheet

For 2021 revenue, were your gross receipts down compared to 2019 / 2020?

Loss or Impact in the creditable time period.

Has your business been subjected to a shutdown order?*

FULL IMPACT and loss of income from shut down is a modifying factor

Did you pay any employees to NOT work during the pandemic?

How your business responded and was impacted by over 100 mandates local, federal and state.

1300+ Mandates and many more questions.
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